Apart from my mainstream work as a programmer, my hobby photography has given me varied experiences which have been both fun and informative. Here is an excerpt.

2003 - I started out as a hobbyist photographer and since then there has been no stopping. I have taken many photos during my hiking and travel adventures. 

2005 - I worked for efoodie for a couple of months helping them take photos of restaurant lounges and food. I worked with many hotel managers, spoke and learnt a great deal about restaurant business. This was more fun than work :).

2008 - I worked on making some of the banners needed for GNU/Linux Habba that was held in Mysore, India. The work was voluntary and I was proud to do it for the Linux and Kannada community.

2009 - I have been the official photographer for the Harry Potter Fan group in Malmö, Sweden. The group has activities where the members dress up as Harry Potter characters and attend premiers. My work also has been used for Mayacurry, an interesting concept of cooking Indian food at homes. I have been a freelance photographer since then.

2014 - I have started freelance photography in Västmanland area in Sweden. I have photographed many portraits/fashion portfolios with local models, covered several events, weddings and commercial projects. Please check my work on my facebook page

As always, I am looking forward for more such interesting experiences.