Praveen Mayakar

Hardware-Software Designer-Developer

Motivated to excel in the field of VLSI, utilizing my experience in embedded systems & System on Chip. An optimistic teamworker with good presentation skills. Entrepreuner, freelance web designer, blogger and freelance photographer.

Synopsis of work at

24/7 Technology

as Software Engineer

2003 - 2005

I started work at 24/7 technology  as a help desk support specialist, handling in-house technical issues and escalations. Six months later rose to become a software engineer developing in-house web based applications. I handled application support with minimum downtime requirements, managed reports and helpdesk issues. I managed a team of two people. I helped migration of the company and built requirements and framework for implementing barcoded asset management system.

Key Responsibilities:


Barcode Implementation for computer assets 

Designer & Developer

 Oct'04 - Mar'05

The objective of this project was to implement barcode technology to track computer assets in the organization. A Tracking software was required and a handheld device which will read the data from the barcode sticker on each asset. The assets were identified based on a unique 7 digit number and each one was assigned to a specific people process. The need to maintain this huge data required a asset management software which was web-based.

Programming Language: ASP
Tools: Visual Studio, IIS & SQL
Team Size: 3

CD database management system 

Designer & Developer 

May'04 - Sep'04

The objective of this project was to develop web based software to track the CD issued by the Help Desk within the organization to people. The application aimed at establishing an easy access and issue method to provide CDs and media with less complexity equipped with better security. The application has various logins with security levels assigned differently to each login based on the user. 

Programming Language: ASP
Tools: Visual Studio, IIS & SQL
Team Size: 3

Help desk ticketing software

Developer & Maintainer

Sep'03 - Mar'05

The IT Help Desk software keeps track of issues and performance of the key service providers within the company. It’s an intranet web based application which helps helpdesk executives raise tickets in the event of a technical issue. The issue is then allotted to the respective key service provider (KSP) to be solved and the ticket is closed once the KSP solves the issue. Report generation with respect to data, date and time were features added.

Programming Language: ASP & HTML
Tools: Visual Studio, IIS & SQL
Team Size: 2