Praveen Mayakar

Hardware-Software Designer-Developer

Motivated to excel in the field of VLSI, utilizing my experience in embedded systems & System on Chip. An optimistic teamworker with good presentation skills. Entrepreuner, freelance web designer, blogger and freelance photographer.

Synopsis of work at


as Embedded Software Engineer

2005 - 2007

I worked on VxWorks based custom made RTOS for the propulsion and control division of Bombardier trains. My work involved implementations on varied hardware platforms with C as the language. Developed a data recorder, worked with train to wayside communication system, handled reports and presentations, project documentation & support. Worked closely with Swedish colleagues onsite at Västerås. Trained new employees to reach optimal levels as per company as a developer.

Key Responsibilities:


Train to wayside communication system


 Mar'07 - May'07

The Train to way side communication system is a system that enables the onboard hardware to interact with the off board hardware and exchange or share data over wireless media in a secure environment. The project involved testing of the initial version of the system on the supporting hardware which included hardware devices connected over a network via a main gateway which enabled communication with other devices over GSM, GPS and GPRS. The objective was to test and validate all the conditions over the communication and the configuration settings on both the onboard and off board hardware devices.

Programming Language: C
Tools: SSH, Linux, TWCS
Team Size: 1

Automatic document generation for CSS2

Developer & Tester

Jan'07 - Mar'07

The CSS2 has over 26 services and each service has over 4 files at least. The effort to track and document the development of the service across the centers of bombardier was an issue and to overcome this project requirement for automatic document generation came in. The source code is update with doxygen style headers and makes rules made to include LaTeX as the language to generate a PDF format document for API manual, design manual and test specification.

Programming Language: C & LaTeX
Tools: CSS, Doxygen
Team Size: 2

CSS2 Users guide

Document Writer

Oct'06 - Dec'06

The CSS2 with over 26 services is a complex operating system which is used by many application developers for various levels of needs in the trains. The user’s guide provides necessary and fundamental information to the user to be able to use the CSS2 and its services for application programming. 

Tools: Microsoft Word, Microsoft Visio, PVCS Dimensions
Team Size: 2

Data Recorder for CSS2

Developer & Maintainer

Jan'06 - Oct'06

The data recorder is one of the services in the CSS which is the custom made real time operating system within Bombardier railways. The data recorder is like a black box which logs a pre-defined number of signals for a pre-defined number of samples for a pre-defined number of times. The data recorder logs all the samples as specified by the application engineer and dumps it into the flash file system. In our effort we implemented the data recorder on the second version of CSS, the CSS2. A basic functionality of Data recorder was enhanced to record up to 65536 signals and supporting over 12 data types. The data recorder can be dynamically configured via XML based file and/or through commands and APIs. It logs samples continuously for 24 hours.  The project also involved an onsite development for over 3 months in Sweden and included project documentation like Design specification, User manual, Test specification, Test Reports, Presentations and demonstrations.

Programming Language: C
Operating System: VxWorks
Tools: Tornado IDE, GNU Tools, Microsoft Visual SourceSafe
Team Size: 3