Praveen Mayakar

Hardware-Software Designer-Developer

Motivated to excel in the field of VLSI, utilizing my experience in embedded systems & System on Chip. An optimistic teamworker with good presentation skills. Entrepreuner, freelance web designer, blogger and freelance photographer.

Synopsis of work at

Sovereign Technologies

as Embedded Software Engineer


I worked on building various embedded systems with C as the language. Development and maintenance of projects.

Key Responsibilities:


Electric Fence Control System.


 Oct'05 - Dec'05

This device is connected to fence that carries 8000V DC. This unit controls the fence operations such as giving power to the fence, turning on-time of the fence, hooter off time, switching off the hooter, Switch on the hooter, changing the passwords and switching off the fence. All the operations are allowed only when a user enters a valid password i.e. any one of the 5 passwords stored. If fence is touched it will switch on the hooter. The hooter gets switched off automatically when the time gets elapsed. The user is allowed to change the password. 7 segment LED display units play the role of user interface in this system.

Programming Language: C
Tools: PIC Microcontroller
Team Size: 3

Remote monitoring and control of SPV panels

and battery for a solar power generation unit.


Jun'05 - Sep'05

In our effort we are working on implementation for remote monitoring and controlling the voltage of batteries in a solar power plant generation unit. It is critical for us to monitor and control the battery voltage for reliable operation of the system. The process of controlling the battery voltage requires data to be acquired and converted and then control action has to be taken. Here the battery voltage is controlled by cutting off the SPV power source once the battery reaches the higher limit of operating voltage. The source is cut-in once the battery voltage reduces below the lower limit while the load is disconnected. The source is then allowed to charge the battery until it reaches the normal operating voltage.

Programming Language: 
Tools: VxWorks
Team Size: 5

Implementation of Pseudo Character Driver

in Linux


Apr'05 - May'05

The project deals with the creation of a pseudo character device, on this pseudo character device the file operations such as open, read, and write, lseek and close are implemented. This pseudo character driver is inserted into the kernel and to interact with this pseudo character device we have to write an application program. 

Programming Language: C
Operating System: Linux
Team Size: 2