That I should make much of myself and turn it on all sides,
thus casting colored shadows on thy radiance
—such is thy Maya!

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Do you have an idea of something cool you would like to do? Have a look at the different things i do and if interested to collaborate, then get in touch and we could create and pursue an idea to reality.

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If you want to use photos for your website or for your personal portfolio or to cover weddings/events for you. Please feel free to get in contact. You can have a look at Mayaklix - Praveen Mayakar photography or the facebook page.

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MayaSwara is a band, record label and music production house. You can listen to our work on major online music stores including iTunes & Spotify. Like and support us on facebook!

MayaSwara's latest album "Experiences" released!


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MayaSwara's latest album


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Devaru mathu naanu
Kannada short stories ebook

Devaru mathu naanu

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About Mayajaala

In the maya of you and me I shall wonder, wander, with my mind open, as are my eyes, with a curious need to obtain a higher level of bliss. In your maya, i shall be one, i shall be maya and with me shall be all of you. Together we form a jaala (web) of maya for experience of the mayajaala is a journey un-explainable. It's feel has a sensation as is its touch. Welcome to the Mayajaala.

About MayaCurry: Thanks for very good and tasty food during our exhibhition at FORM DESIGN CENTER! - Christel at Wobedo
About MayaSwara: Very good work! I like almost all of the songs. Amateur, amateur, but a good amateur! I can just lean back and relax!" - Zarina
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