About MayaSwara

It all began with one word "Curiosity". Yes curiosity on how each Swara (note) in a time domain turns into a beautiful melody. How can one make it sound good. How layers of Swara create a magical melody. Such questions and being an audiophile lead me here. And so MayaSwara was born.

MayaSwara meaning Magical notes, is a musical journey to bring the magical moments in life into music and make musical events into magical moments. Our effort is to bring out musical  interpretations of human emotions and vice versa. Our ambition is to connect everyone in the world through music.
MayaSwara is an independent record label supporting independent artists and promoting their work. Feel free to reach out with your creative work be it music or visual arts.

MayaSwara is also a band.. MayaSwara, as a band, started performing live since April 2015 and thanks to the support of many, today we are a band of 16 artists located in Sweden, Norway, India and the USA collaborating over the internet to follow one common passion: Music!

Our inspiration comes from different genres such as World music, Fusion, rock and Indian classical music. We believe we are here to create and not compete and hence anyone can join us in our journey and enjoy the flavours of music.

Welcome to our musical world.

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Our team

MayaSwara believes everyone is unique and hence they can bring in their uniqueness in music when they work with us. In due course, we have had many interesting people working with us. Here you can know a bit more about a few artists who are part of our team as well as collaborated with us.


  • AbcAnanybratha Chakraborty is a singer, guitarist and composer. He has worked with Monjyoti as a band called "The M theory"
  • Ajith IyengarAjith Iyengar is a guitarist and composer from India living in USA. He is helping us with guitar loops for our upcoming tracks. Check out more about him on his blog - Curiouz cat
  • Alesja AnkovaAlesja Ankova is from Estonia - The land with a singing revolution! She sings and plays guitar and piano. We have collaborated for the songs "Troubled Soul", "Clouds" and "Facing fears"
  • Aneesh VidyashankarAneesh Vidyashankar is named the wireless walking violinist who has made a unique mark with fusion of western and eastern music with violin. He has been performing for over 19 years and has done several tours all over the world. He has also won the best violinist national award. Check his website to find out more - Aneesh Vidyashankar experience
  • Anna WermeAnna Werme is a swedish singer/songwriter. She plays guitar and piano.
  • Bert BastiasBert Bastias is originally from Chile and lives in Sweden. He plays drums and bass. He has performed with us live in Livekarusellen 2016
  • Chandrashekar PothalkarChandrashekar Pothalkar has an interest in Indian classical music. He works as an engineer when not singing. He has been playing live with us and has recorded the song "Shock" with us
  • David EklundDavid Eklundis from Sweden - The land with good rock music! He is a music teacher and plays guitar. He is an active member of our band and is working with us "Troubled Soul" and "Facing fears"
  • DialDial from China likes to sing in karaoke games. He has sung the chinese bit in the song "Inspiration"
  • Pandit Harvinder SinghPandit Harvinder Singh is a well-known Sitarist and musician whose experience in life and music has been an inspiration to many. He is a multi instrumentalist playing violin, Piano and Sitar, he mesmerizes the crowd especially when he plays with his Sitar and hence has been called the Sitar Wizard. He is well versed in both eastern and western style of music.He has been practicing music and has blessed his musical knowledge to many. He is also guiding MayaSwara since Nov 2015 and helping us unlock the musical potential in us. He has played live with us and will be collaborating with us in our future work. Check his website to find out more about him - Pandit Harvinder Singh
  • Jakob CarlssonJakob Carlsson is a swedish trombone player. He has played live with us at Västerås Cityfestivalen 2016
  • John FeldhofferJohn Feldhofferfrom Stockholm is exploring club music as a hobby
  • Monjyoti BhattacharyyaMonjyoti Bhattacharyyais an entrepreneur musician, a composer, singer and guitarist who plays pop, soft rock and psychedelic music along with his own original compositions. He likes to cover the likes of Porcupine tree, Pink Floyd, Coldplay and Passenger. He is the founder of MysticJolt and has a band called Met by Accident. He has composed and performed guitar for the track "Coming to light (Intro)"
  • Rupam SilRupam Silis a composer and guitarist who is pursuing music leaving his corporate career. He comes from a small town of Meghalaya. He has composed and sung the track "Prayers"
  • Naveen NageshNaveen Nagesh Plays guitar and composes music during his free time. He has composed "Respect" and "Sown idea"
  • NaveenRaj VijayanNaveenRaj Vijayan has played guitar for many years and has a music website called Daily melody. Naveen has played live with us across our gigs in Sweden since 2014
  • North ofNorth of (Berra Bergquist & Sabrina Katainen) a swedish band are travelling the world for a wonderful perspective of the world while making music. Their song "Deadlock" was launched with our album "Experiences"
  • Praveen MayakarPraveen Mayakar is the owner and music producer for MayaSwara. He likes to explore music during his free time.
  • Ranjiv RajRanjiv Raj is a singer, lyricist and composer. He has played live with us in Uppsala and Stockholm
  • Saurabh AtreySaurabh Atrey is a lyricist who likes to explore creativity. He has written the song "Music on Tension gone" which has been played live many times in Sweden
  • Saurabh RanadiveSaurabh Ranadive from Mumbai, India is a singer who has trained with Suresh Wadkar, Sunidhi Chauhan and Shreya Goshal of Bollywood. He has been playing live with us and won the best singer award at Livekarusellen 2016. He has worked with our upcoming track "Music on Tension gone"
  • Simon SavenekSimon Sävenek from Sweden is a hobbyist guitarist, singer and drummer. He has worked with drums for "Troubled Soul"
  • Sonal SanapSonal Sanap from stavanger, Norway is a self learnt singer, songwriter and composer. She performed on live broadcast in the semifinals for Norway idol 2016. She will be collaborating with us as a vocalist for our next album
  • Stephane BolinStephane Bolin from Sweden is a music theorist. He is trained in classical music and plays the piano and composes music with any instrument available. He has played jaw harp with us at Namaste Stockholm 2015.
  • Sthuthi BhatSthuthi Bhat from San Jose is an Indian classical singer and composer. She has composed and sung the track "Heartfelt Plea"