Experiences - MayaSwara

28 Jul 2013: Experiences define us, shape us, evolve us. They take us forward to explore more, sometimes to take a pause, but mostly they help us see better. "Experiences" is a musical interpretation of such experiences. Experience them. Experiences cannot be explained in words, they must be felt with an open mind!

With this album, i introduce and promote a few artist friends.

Chandrashekar Pothalkar from India is a hobbyist singer with a keen interest in Indian classical music. He has sung the track "Shock"

Weiquan Huang (Dial) from China likes to sing in karaoke games. He has sung the track "Inspiration".

Naveen Nagesh from India composes music during his free time. He has composed "Sown idea"

Berra Bergquist & Sabrina Katainen from the band "North of" are traveling the world for a wonderful perspective of the world while making music.

John Feldhoffer from Stockholm is exploring club music as a hobby

I am very thankful to them. Thanks to David Eklund, Alesja Ankova, Elsa Vaitmaa and Simon Sävenek for the motivation and their extended support, the work with them will come out in the next release. Also thanks to Tanya Makarkina, Vairamayil Sankaranarayanan, Rahim Ladha, E.J. Jensen for being a part of the music video team for the track "Waking up".

Special thanks to Jannice Svensson for support and helping with the release work, Florian Maeir from "Dark Fortress" for his beautiful words and motivation to continue making music. And last but not the least "everyone" who has given me more insight into my experience in music making as well as in life.

If you want to use our work commercially or otherwise, contact us.


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 No. Track Time Play Artists Lyrics
 1 Sown idea 03:05
Naveen Nagesh  NA
 2 Discomfort 05:07
Praveen Mayakar  NA
3 Growing skill 04:27
Praveen Mayakar  NA
4 Dreams 07:48
Praveen Mayakar  NA
5 Fantasy 07:06
Praveen Mayakar  NA
6 Shock 03:12
Chandana Ragipani & Chandrashekar Pothalkar  NA
7 Deadlock 04:05
Berra Bergquist & Sabrina Katainen Deadlock
8 Inspiration 04:04
Dial (WeiQuan Huang) & Praveen Mayakar Inspiration
9 Waking up 05:08
Praveen Mayakar  NA
10 Freedom 03:03
Praveen Mayakar Freedom
11 Deja vu 02:26
Praveen Mayakar  NA
12 Third life [Full edit] 05:32
John Feldhoffer  NA